Our 3D configurator can be a huge boost to your productivity. Increase the amount of leads you generate, drastically reduce the time to create offers, sell online, reduce errors and connect to ERP and CRM systems.

A configurator is much more than a visualisation tool, it’s a productivity tool that will grow your company.

Automate offer process

Our 3D configurator will allow you to work much more efficient than before. Offers can be generates automatically by the customer. Since the whole flow is automated the main limit is your production capacity and your marketing budget.

There is no limiting factor such as draughtsmen having insufficient time to create offers or production drawings.

Improve throughput time

Once the customer finishes their configuration and the order is confirmed, you have all the essential customer information and technical details required to start manufacturing.

The information is immediately transferred to ERP and CRM systems, making your data easily accessible to every department that needs it.

Minimise errors

Because all of the technical data is stored in the configurator and immediately transferred into ERP and CMS systems when the order is confirmed, there’s no human intervention necessary.

This makes less room for human errors and speeds up the throughput time from configuration to production.

In-depth customer insights

The 3D configurator registers every design choice a customer makes, from the dimensions to the finishing of the edges. By collecting and analyzing this data, you’ll be able to pinpoint trends and customer preferences.

The preferences of your (potential) clients continually evolve, but now you’ll finally be able to keep up with them.

Boost conversion rates

When you compare conversion rates online vs in-store, the conversion rates in-store are still higher. By offering an online configuration and quotation tool, you’re giving customers that final push towards finalising their order.

Increasing your conversion rates is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers and boost your revenue.

Smooth buying process

The potential client has already given you all the information you need beforehand, making sure your salespeople will be 100% prepared for the customers. You can customise the rest of the buying process to match the customers’ preferences.

This speeds up the process for your client but also gives your salespeople more time to tend to other clients.

Check out our benefit calculator

At 3D Config, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to enhancing your business. You’ve read all about our 3D configurators, how they work and their prospective benefits. But now, you’re probably wondering whether YOUR company would actually reap the benefits of a configurator. We’ll make it all a little more practical and number-driven for you right here.

Fill in the form and get an idea of the extra profit and revenue you can generate with a 3D configurator.


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