Real time closet configurator

Our 3D configurator equips your customers and sales team with the ability to fully customize and visualize closets. With this tool, generating a quote or proceeding to an online purchase becomes a seamless experience.

Have our configurator work for your organisation.

Save a huge amount of time creating offers

Our 3D configurator fundamentally transforms quote generation, slashing time and effort. No more hours of uncertain closet designing.

In just minutes, create and send a quote directly to prospective clients. Plus, our platform enables customers to effortlessly make online purchases, requiring no intervention from you, optimizing your sales process with ease.

Grow faster with our scalable tool

The shortage of technical draftsmen often slows sales growth. Our scalable 3D configurator bypasses this hurdle, accelerating your business expansion.

Our solution allows your draftsmen to dedicate time to high-value, bespoke projects and innovative product development. With our 3D configurator, your team’s potential is fully realized, pushing your business to unprecedented levels.


Our 3D configurator is fully integrated into the web, offering an effortlessly accessible solution. This means users are free from the need to install additional plugins or programs to make the most of our configurator. A browser and an internet connection are all it takes to unlock the power of our platform, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Send to production

Upon customer confirmation of a quote, you can instantly relay the specifics to production. This streamlined process not only conserves time but also significantly elevates your customer’s experience. Immediate action from quote confirmation to production underscores your commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Visualise via augmented reality.

Once potential customers have finished their configuration, they can display it realistically in their own environment using Augmented Reality.

This is an excellent lead generator. Customers can see their potential purchase in a realistic view by entering their email address. This allows you to get a good understanding of which configurations are the most popular, and you can then follow up with them accordingly.

Interested in partnering with us? Get in touch.

Every project is unique. That is why it’s important to sit down together and discuss an optimal approach for your project. Don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss what works for you, without any obligation.

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